Getting Citizens To The Polling Booth

From Kenya to Malawi to Ghana, the GotToVote platform has enabled citizen to exercise their democratic right to vote

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Find Your Registration Centre

Some say you need a map or location services, we said we want the simplest way to help citizens find there registration centres. From long PDFs to simple drop downs, we came up with the most intuitive way citizens want to find registration centres near them.

Election Results Showcase

Enabling a more immersive story telling experience through data is at the heart of what we do. Election data is no exception to this.

No Hosting Worries

Our very first version of GotToVote, helping citizens find registration centres nearest to them was served using GitHub pages and the data from Google Fusion Tables. Both very reliable services that incurred no cost and while other similar services buckled under the load, ours coasted through without breaking a sweat.

Voter Registration Confirmation

Confirm that you are registered to vote and that your details are correct so that come voting day, there is no question of your eligibility. Coupled with state of the art technology, GotToVote Voter Registration Confirmation (VRC) module ensures security, speed and reliability.

Send a Peace Message

Election time can get heated and we have seen this heat boil over across our own country. So we came up with a feature to allow visitors to share a peace SMS for free through the Web.

Open Source

and loving it. To ensure integrity of systems we build, we offer them to public scrutiny. This allows for community problem fixing and features extension. Take a look at our code on GitHub.

Featured Deployments


The first GotToVote deployment that focussed on making it easy to find your nearest registration center.

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Adopted by the Malawi Government as their official platform, GotToVote was used for voter registration confirmation.

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Picked up by Sean Ndlovu, this was a community instance showing how easy it is to deploy one in your country.

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A partnership between Code for Ghana and Odekro to take the pain out of finding registration centres.

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About GotToVote!

Enabling citizens to get to the ballot box informed and ready.

GotToVote started off as a simple experiment to make data otherwise locked in government, useful to the general public.

Now we seek to make a larger impact in the democratic process by partnering with government, civil society and media organisation to improve the entire process.

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